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You know how most leaders, entrepreneurs, and presenters struggle to get buy-in around their biggest ideas?

Hi, I'm Zac Garside. I help professionals and entrepreneurs with important ideas to share become irresistible, results-getting storytellers.

Public speaking, communication, and messaging training has become too much about style and not enough about substance.

Too much pickiness about "um" and "uh" and filler words and not enough about filling your words with meaning.

Have you ever noticed how the most legendary ideas in the last 20 years are littered with filler words, but the audience doesn't mind?

Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Founders and executives around the world...

The little details of your style shouldn't need to be nit-picked by a judge with a clipboard in hand... those little things make your ideas unique! The only condition is that the message has to mean something to us.

If it has meaning, everything else is secondary.

Too many presentations, speeches, and brand stories are basically verbal book reports, just endless citing of facts and figures and quotes from well-known sources without getting to the heart of why YOU, the messenger, care about the message.

And if that's what you're doing, then yeah, the delivery needs to be flawless...

But substance, meaning, and storytelling will define who gets listened to and, ultimately, who is judged to have "good ideas" going forward.

The Storytelling Habit will be THE place where people discover how to communicate their ideas to their fullest potential.

Right now, I'm working with small business entrepreneurs, coaches, aspiring event speakers, and people planning their next webinar to create change with their words.

Come along for the ride!

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