I Help Brands Make More Sales From Email

So you can fund growth, increase your margins, and make your marketing more predictable (without spending more on ads).

How It Works:

I Work With Brands Who:

  • Spend a lot of money on ads but need content & automation in place to convert more of those leads

  • Are too dependent on the social media hamster wheel & other channels you don't control

  • Struggle to come up with original & effective content

  • Want a higher ROI on all their marketing channels

  • Have unpredictable cash flow

  • Want more recurring revenue

What You Get When You Work With Me:

  • An email expert who prioritizes market research and resonance over hollow tactics that burn trust with your list

  • Comprehensive voice & style development to make sure you stand out in the inbox, becoming the only email your list likes reading

  • A new Welcome Sequence to capitalize on the pivotal first two weeks of your leads' customer journey

  • Monthly check-in calls to review strategy & outcomes

  • Unlimited access to make content requests and ask questions via the Voxer app

  • 3-5 broadcast emails per week

  • Up to 1 new automation flow built out and published each month

In other words...

You get a fully trained and self-managed email marketer who builds and optimizes all your campaigns for just...

$3,500 per month

Your Questions, Answered.

Why shouldn't I just hire in-house?

First of all, a good copywriter will cost you six-figures in annual salary. Not to mention benefits.

Plus, it's stressful for you to have a full-time (or even part-time!) person you're responsible for managing and keeping busy.

I'm a service-provider, not an employee. I work independently but put out six-figure-employee-quality work. And if your content needs extra work, I have my own network of experts I bring in to help at no extra expense to you.

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Is it just you?

Yup! I'm the one-man writing show right now. I occasionally consult experts in the industry on my own dime if I need an extra set of eyeballs on something. But I'll let you know right away if I decide to hire another writer.

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How do you come up with ideas?

We'll host a monthly strategy call where we help you develop Intellectual Property, not just "content."

Your business needs a core, north-star idea that everything revolves around. Once we identify that, I have a series of prompts and questions that help you come up with and endless fountain of ideas.

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What if I don't like it?

Request revisions! And if you hate it that much... it's a month-to-month service so you can cancel anytime.

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If you're tired of riding the social media hamster wheel that keeps spinning faster and faster but never goes anywhere.... if you want to tell stories that move people to act... WATCH THIS: